Colorful Workplaces

The Colourful Workplaces Conference in Nairobi will bring together the corporate sector, organisations representing employers, employees and civil society initiatives. The Conference will allow these actors to share and discuss good practices as well as specific challenges in relation to diversity and inclusion at the workplace in Kenya.

There is increasing evidence that progressive and open companies, that embrace diversity, do better than their more conservative peers. This growing recognition of the added value of diversity and inclusion from a business point of view results in a growing number of companies with progressive policies. But how to bring this into practice? What are the successes and lessons learned? How have others managed?

At the same time, for those persons that are frequently excluded from society and discriminated against, socio-economic inclusion is of key importance to living a fulfilling life. This is particularly true for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans persons, or any other person whose sexual orientation or gender identity or expression is different from the majority.

Open and out LGBT+ persons have more difficulty in obtaining a job and, once they have obtained a job, in maintaining it. If they do, it is often difficult or even hazardous for them to come out at work. As a consequence, many LGBT+ persons conceal their true identity. Hiding such an important part of ones’  identity often generates stress, anxiety, depression and other negative physical and psychological effects. This results not only in personal suffering and increased levels of poverty of LGBT+ persons, but also in lesser company results.

The Colourful Workplaces Program and Conference aims for the business sector to become more inclusive and diverse. Both will share good experiences and provide inspiring trainings and support. They will connect companies with each other and with relevant individuals and organisations, to encourage informal exchange and to increase mutual understanding.

While kick-starting in Kenya, we aim to further develop this project and implement it in other countries as well.Colourful Workplaces is a based on a research done in 2015, that you can find here.

The current project is a collaboration between Hivos, Sullivan Marketing and Workplace Pride.

The Conference is an initiative of  HIVOS, Sullivan Marketing and Workplace Pride Foundation.

Registration is open until Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

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